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Born in 1959 in Czech Republic, Pavel has graduated from Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove in 1984 (M.D., Ph.D.) In 1995 he passed the board qualification in cardiac surgery. 

As a consultant cardiac surgeon, today he divides his time between operating room, research and educational activities. Parallel to medicine he kept preserved, however, his "other" life devoted to graphic art. 

Despite no special training he has chosen the technically demanding classical multilayered oil painting to be the tool for his art expression.

He built up his knowledge through the study of literature, self-experience and by meeting the masterpieces of world galleries. Painting represents Žáček’s utmost inner confession; a way followed since his adolescence.

Pavel Žáček has exhibited his artwork at many exhibitions and his paintings are scattered in private collections in Czech Republic and abroad. 

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